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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home Remedies and Cures for ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects around 5.4 million children between the ages of 4 to 17, about 13.2% of boys and 5.6% of girls. Three percent to seven percent of school age children have ADHD, but studies have estimated higher rates. There are quite a few different ways to treat ADHD naturally with home remedies and cures.

Living with ADHD children or adults is difficult, I know, I have three children, one boy and two girls, that were diagnosed with ADHD, out of seven children. My youngest daughter was a human guinea pig for prescriptions, because of other complications she had. Back then, I didn’t know enough about natural home remedies and cures. I wish I had.

People with ADHD usually have a hard time paying attention; daydream; don’t seem to listen; are easily distracted; forget things; seem to be in constant motion, even pacing; unable to stay seated; squirm and fidget; talk too much and interrupt; act and speak without thinking; and have trouble taking turns. But don’t worry, there are home remedies and cures to help calm the symptoms of ADHD.

Diet does play a key role in the reason children seem to have these symptoms. For the last several decades, sugars, dyes and preservatives have been added to our food at an increasing rate. Children, now days, consume too many convenience foods, such as hot dogs, fried chicken fingers/nuggets and highly sweetened fruit drinks and sodas. None of those foods are natural home remedies or cures.

Medications may become necessary in some cases, but prescription drugs fail to address the cause of the problem in a nontoxic manner. Research has found that regular use of antibiotics and ear infections, as well as premature birth and family history, are associated with a greater likelihood of developing ADHD. A diet of whole foods (no fast foods and processed foods) along with home remedies would probably result in less ear infections.

Emotional stress and its relationship to ADHD also plays a role in a child’s change in behavior. The breakdown of the family unit in our country places abnormal stresses on a child.

Clinical studies have shown a marked improvement in EEG (electroencephalograph) patterns in children with ADHD, using
for a period of 90 days. For more home remedies and cures for ADHD, please read on.

Inability to sit still
Mood swings
Short attention span
Inability to concentrate
Frequent tantrums
Poor coordination and motor skills
Impaired memory
Failure to complete age-appropriate tasks
Speech or learning disorders

A diet high in sugar and additives
Food allergies/sensitivities
Environmental toxins
Nutritional deficiencies
Poor digestion and absorption
Heavy metal poisoning
Emotional stresses
Neurotransmitter imbalance

If you or a loved one have these symptoms, you will want to read my blog for next week, part 2 of this blog. I will discuss recommendations for treatment of ADHD with natural home remedies and cures.